Giselle Blu-ray Disc (The Royal Ballet) 2014


  • This is one of The Royal Ballet's most cherished productions, faithful to the spirit of the 1841 original yet always fresh at each revival. This performance features Royal Ballet Principal Natalia Osipova in a breath-taking interpretation of the title role, more than ably accompanied by the world-renowned Carlos Acosta as Albrecht. Sir Peter Wright's production catches the atmosphere of this great Romantic ballet, especially in the perfection of its White Act, with ghostly maidens drifting through the forest in spectacular patterns – one of the most famous of any scenes for the corps de ballet.

    Also available on DVD and as part of a Blu-ray Box-set

    Giselle: Natalia Osipova
    Albrecht: Carlos Acosta
    Hilarion: Thomas Whitehead
    Wilfred: Johannes Stepanek
    Berthe: Deirdre Chapman
    The Duke: Christopher Saunders
    Bathilde: Christina Arestis
    Myrtha: Hikaru Kobayashi
    Moyna: Elizabeth Harrod
    Zulme: Akane Takada
    Artists of The Royal Ballet

    Orchestra of the Royal Opera House 
    Conductor: Boris Gruzin
    Concert Master: Peter Manning
    Music: Adolphe Adam
    Choreography: Marius Petipa, after Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot
    Scenario: Théophile Gautier, after Heinrich Heine
    Production and additional choreography: Peter Wright
    Designs: John Macfarlane
    Original lighting: Jennifer Tipton, recreated by David Finn
    Staging: Christopher Carr 

    Plus: The Romance of Giselle; The corps de ballet in Giselle; Cast gallery

    Picture: 16:9
    Sound: PCM 2.0 / 5.1 (5.0 DTS)
    Region code: 0 (worldwide)
    Format: Blu-ray
    Duration: 113 mins
    Year: 2014

  • "Right from the start, Osipova establishes her character as doomed, a young woman barely tethered to a life of ordinary happiness. Alone with Albrecht she's half-frozen, afraid of being overwhelmed by love; and even when she's able to release her feelings in dance, the speed and buoyancy of her execution read less as the technical marvels they are than as a rush of artless fevered emotion... The ending is as tragic as any Giselle I've seen."
     The Guardian

    "Heroically partnered by Carlos Acosta as the duplicitous-then-remorseful Count Albrecht, Osipova in Act I floats on air and spins in reckless ecstasy, in an interpretation both technically and artistically supreme... Her ballon and elevation are unique: she appears virtually to be able to will herself into mid-air, to hang there unsupported. I have never seen a Giselle either so ethereal or, as the act progresses, so eloquently imploring or forgiving, every supernaturally weightless hop and flicker of those long arms magically moulded into an expression of love... you know you have been in the presence of greatness.The Telegraph

    "Natalia Osipova’s Giselle is the most radical I’ve ever seen. Not because she takes any liberties with this Romantic classic – she dances with pure line, superb technique and feeling for the ballet’s style – but because her dramatic intelligence brings it to such fresh, burning life. The Royal Ballet looks energised by its new star, with a strong company performance around her. Acosta partners her with devoted care, and responds to her dazzling dancing with renewed sharpness and attack of his own." The Independent


    National Dance Awards 2015: Winner - Best Female Dancer (Natalia Osipova)