Woolf Works CD

Following the success of SLEEP, Max Richter reveals his latest recording project – a new album entitled Three Worlds: music from Woolf Works. It’s drawn from his music to Wayne McGregor’s award-winning Royal Ballet production Woolf Works – inspired by the works of Virginia Woolf – and will be released on Deutsche Grammophon on 27th January. 

Just like the ballet, Richter’s new album has a three-part structure, built around themes from three of Woolf’s novels: Mrs Dalloway, Orlando and The Waves. Fragments from her letters, diaries and other writings are woven into the work, with spoken words from Gillian Anderson, Sarah Sutcliffe and even Virginia Woolf’s own voice, reading the essay ‘Craftsmanship’ from a 1937 BBC recording.

1. Words
2. In the garden
3. War anthem
4. Meeting again

5. Memory is the seamstress
6. Modular astronomy
7. Entropy
8. Transformation
9. Morphology
10.. The tyranny of symmetry
11. The explorers
12. Persistence of images
13. Genesis of poetry
14. Possibles
15. Love songs

16. Tuesday

Max Richter piano & modular synthesiser
Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg
Conductor:Robert Ziegler
String quintet: Violin- Louisa Fuller, Natalia Bonner / Viola:John Metcalfe / Cello:Ian Burdge, Chris Worsey 
Spoken Word: Virginia Woolf [1] Sarah Sutcliffe [5] Gillian Anderson [16]
Grace Davidson solo soprano
Mari Samuelsen solo violin
Hila Karni solo cello
Ian Burdge solo cello


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