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Thomas Tomkins - Anthems & Canticles CD

The renowned Choir of Magdalen College, Oxford, joined here by former Magdalen College viol consort-in-residence Phantasm, showcase the amazing breadth and diversity of this masterly voice in English composition. Five verse anthems, jewels in Tomkins’s choral output, have come down to us with ensemble accompaniment, allowing choir and consort to combine forces as it’s likely they once did in the Elizabethan Chapel Royal. Phantasm also perform some of Tomkins’s most striking works for three to six viols, revealing the composer’s very personal approach to the consort style.

1. Fantasia XVIII 
2. Sing unto God 
3. A Fantasy (9 September 1646) 
4. Thou art my king 
5. Fantasia XIV 
6. Above the stars 
7. A substantial verse 
8. Pavan VI 
9. Magnificat (The Fifth Service) 
11. Nunc dimittis (The Fifth Service)
12. Alman 
13. Lord, let my know mine end
14. For Mr Archdeacon Thornburgh 
15. Fantasia XVII 
16. Pavan and Galliard XVIII 
17. Rejoice, rejoice and sing 

Choir of Magdalen College, Oxford
Director: Daniel Hyde
Director: Laurence Dreyfus
Running time: 65.19