The Roman Plays Blu-ray Set (RSC)


  • This special collection brings together four critically lauded productions from the Royal Shakespeare Company for the first time - presenting old tales that are as pertinent to today’s world as they were in the Roman world. This box set includes Antony and Cleopatra, Coriolanus, Julius Caesar and Titus Andronicus.

    Directed and performed by some of the world’s leading interpreters of Shakespeare, this collection of plays represents the culmination of a large project for the Royal Shakespeare Company, showing the relevance of The Bard’s historical plays to today’s world. Aided by brilliant music from some of today’s greatest music creators, including Laura Mvula and Mira Calix, each individual play draws us endlessly into their unique, yet relatable, worlds whilst also showing the breadth Shakespeare’s dramatic greatness.

    Filmed throughout 2017 in Stratford-upon-Avon, these four plays prove that some of Shakespeare’s lesser performed works should still be looked at in high regard, and still have the power to hold a mirror to contemporary society, with their universal themes and often tragic central characters.

    Royal Shakespeare Company
    Julius Caesar
    Julius Caesar: Andrew Woodall
    Mark Antony: James Corrigan
    Cassius:Martin Hutson
    Octavius: Jon Tarcy
    Brutus: Alex Waldmann
    Composer: Mira Calix

    Director: Angus Jackson

    Coriolanus: Sope Dirisu
    Aufidius: James Corrigan
    Menenius: Paul Jesson
    Volumnia: Haydn Gwynne
    Cominius: Charles Aitken
    Titus Lartius: Ben Hall
    Composer: Mira Calix

    Director: Angus Jackson

    Antony & Cleopatra
    Cleopatra: Josette Smith
    Antony:Antony Byrne
    Octavius Caesar: Ben Allen
    Composer: Laura Mvula

    Director: Iqbal Khan

    Titus Andronicus
    Titus Andronicus:
    David Troughton
    Tamora: Nia Gwynne
    Lavinia: Hannah Morrish
    Coriolanus: Sope Dirisu
    Volumina: Haydn Gwynne
    Composer:Matt Woodward
    Director:Blanche McIntyre

    Plus: Cast Interviews / Interviews with the Directors / Director’s Commentaries /Cast Galleries / Laura Mvula: Making Music for the Stage

  • Picture: 16:9
    Format: NTSC
    Sound: PCM 2.0 / DTS-HD MA 5.1
    Region code: All regions
    Running time: 724 mins
    Subtitles: EN