Tailor's Thimble


Created by Carolyn Denham and Roderick Field, Merchant and Mills have a passion for the world of sewing. Merchant and Mills are a glorious celebration of what it means to make and have helped to inspire many costume-makers behind the scenes. Encouraging more people to create and sew rather than buy mass-produced garments, this determined duo travel the world to source new, stylish and innovative products to bring to both home and trade dressmaking.


Made from solid brass and engraved with the Merchant and Mills name, there’s an authentic look to this Tailor’s Thimble. You’ll notice that the top is open-ended but that’s not a mistake! The capless design allows maximum dexterity, essential for dressmakers, while still providing that all-important protection. British engineered and lacquered to prevent unwanted discolouration, this is a beautifully vintage-style piece.

Material: Brass, Lacquer