Puccini: Turandot Blu-ray (The Royal Opera) 2013

Andrei Serban’s spectacular and thrilling 1984 production of Puccini’s final and grandest opera has long been a classic at the Royal Opera House. First filmed for BBC TV in the 80s, this new recording – of its 15th revival – is in stunning HD and makes this famous production available for the first time on DVD and Blu-ray. The release will rightfully take its place alongside the outstanding Royal Opera Puccini DVDs of La Bohème, Tosca (on EMI) and Il Trittico. American Lise Lindstrom is one of the very few contemporary Turandots who can genuinely sing this ‘killer’ role, and is supported by a touching Liù from Japanese soprano Eri Nakamura and an unashamedly Italianite Calaf from Marco Berti. The young Hungarian conductor Henrik Nánási directs the large orchestra and all-important chorus.

Music: Giacomo Puccini
Princess Turandot: Lise Lindstrom 
The Unknown Prince (Calaf): Marco Berti 
Liù:Eri Nakamura
Timur: Raymond Aceto  
Ping: Dionysios Sourbis 
Pang: David Butt Philip 
Pong: Douglas Jones 
Emperor Altoum: Alasdair Elliott 
Mandarin: Michel de Souza

Royal Opera Chorus 
Chorus Director: Renato Balsadonna
Orchestra of the Royal Opera House 
Concert Master: Vasko Vassilev
Conductor: Henrik Nánási 
Director: Andrei Serban 
Revival Director: Andrew Sinclair
Designs: Sally Jacobs
Lighting design: F.Mitchell Dana
Choreography: Kate Flatt
Choreologist: Tatiana Novaes Coelho
Recorded live at the Royal Opera House, September 2013

Plus: Turandot - An Introduction, Behind the Masks and a cast gallery.

Picture: 16:9
Sound: 2.0 LPCM Stereo/ DTS 5.1 (5.0)
Subtitles: EN/FR/DE/ES/IT/KO
Running Time: 125+12 mins
Recorded: 2013
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