Anna Wales

Plume earrings

  • Handmade in her London studio, each piece of Anna Wales jewellery offers a striking yet exquisitely delicate balance. A symbiotic construction of light, shadow, movement and form, Anna intuitively captures the flowing elegance of the ballet. Anna’s jewellery is precise and eloquent and offers an exploration into the strength which underpins natural grace.

    Textured silver leaves are tipped with golden shards using traditional Korean techniques which infuse warmth and luxury. Each of the handcut leaves in these Plume Earrings shifts and sways with your movement, adding a playful elegance. The leaves are individually added so each pair is unique.

    Also available as a complementary design is the Anna Wales Plume Pendant.

  • Material: Sterling Silver and 24 carat gold
    All the pieces are hand cut and handmade so slight variations in shape will occur.