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Opera Guide: Le nozze di Figaro

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Le nozze di Figaro is one of Mozart's best-loved and most enduring works and the first of the three operas he wrote with Lorenzo Da Ponte. Its combination of wit, acute psychological observation and sublime music has enthralled audiences ever since its premiere in Vienna in 1786. In this guide, Max Loppert explores some of the features that give the work its lasting appeal and John Wells outlines the transition from Beaumarchais' original play to opera. Basil Deane writes a detailed musical commentary, David Syrus provides insights into the performing of the recitatives and George Hall traces the performance history of the opera. In a note on the text, Julian Rushton explains the most likely correct order of scenes in Act III.

The guide also contains a literal English translation which includes the alternative arietta and alternative rondo for Susanna that Mozart wrote for the 1789 Vienna revival. In addition to 27 illustrations, it also has a musical thematic guide, discography, bibliography, as well as DVD and website guides. The guide is intended as a companion to enrich readers' appreciation and enjoyment of this endlessly rewarding opera.

Overture Opera Guide
Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Opera: Le nozze di Figaro
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 343
Size: 13x19.5x3 cm