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Opera Guide: Die Walküre

“Things like this are written only for people who have good powers of endurance (so really for nobody!)”, wrote Wagner about Die Walküre. Yet, as Geoffrey Skelton points out, the opera has enjoyed a separate popularity and existence from the Ring Cycle. George Gillespie shows just how the string of mythical events was converted into a drama remarkable for its concentrated excitement and fine construction. Barry Millington introduces the web of motifs in the complex score. The English version, with Elizabeth Forbes’s translation of the verses that Wagner did not eventually set to music but retained as footnotes to his published version, is by acclaimed translator Andrew Porter.

A Conflict of Power and Love, Geoffrey Skelton
Chronology of the Composition of ‘The Valkyrie’
An Introduction to the Music of ‘The Valkyrie’, Barry Millington
New Myths for Old, George Gillespie
Translating ‘The Ring’, Andrew Porter
Die Walküre: Poem by Richard Wagner
The Valkyrie: English translation by Andrew Porter
Discography, David Nice

ENO Libretto 21
Composer: Richard Wagner
Page extent: 112 pages
Size: 21.5 x 14 cm portrait
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9780714544069