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Opera Guide: Aida

Aida is, for most of us, the quintessence of Ancient Egypt, but it is certainly not just for archaeologists. Michael Rose points out that it is really about patriotism – an issue of burning importance to Verdi and his contemporaries. Music critic William Mann reflects that even a short look at the score reveals subtleties that repay careful listening. And Verdi’s own letters show the germs of the opera grow from suggestion to creation.

Verdi’s ‘Egyptian business’, Michael Rose
Aida – Text and Music, William Mann
The Genesis of ‘Aida’, Roger Parker
Thematic Guide
Aida: Libretto by Antonio Ghislanzoni
Aida: English version by Edmund Tracey
Bibliography / Discography

ENO Libretto 2
Composer: Giuseppe Verdi
Page extent:96 pages
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