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Margot Fonteyn: A Celebration

Margot Fonteyn Tote Bag: Explained It

  • Mark the centenary of the birth of The Royal Ballet's Prima Ballerina Assoluta with this commemorative range dedicated to Margot Fonteyn. This range includes exclusive imagery from the Royal Opera House collections, and demonstrates the exquisite lyricism and passionate characterizations of Margot Fonteyn that have influenced generations of ballet lovers. 

    'I explained it when I danced it.' This 100%-cotton tote bag features Margot Fonteyn, Prima Ballerina Assoulta of The Royal Ballet, alongside a quotation demonstrating her passion for dance. The tote bag is also available in black.

  • Material: Dyed Cotton, Woven Royal Ballet Label

    Size: Bag with handles: 66 x 35 cms