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Joyce DiDonato - Drama Queens CD

Il Complesso Barocco for Drama Queens, an electrifying programme of royal arias from the 17th and 18th centuries, composed by figures as famous as Handel and Vivaldi and as little known as Orlandini and Porta. As DiDonato says: “High drama, profound emotion, fearless vocal writing, time-stopping passages, historical significance and real discovery … What more could I ask for?”

1. Orlandini: Da torbida procella (Berenice, Queen of Palestine)
2. Porta: Madre diletta, abbacciami (Ifigenia, Princess of Mycenae)
3. Handel: Ma quando tornerai (Alcina, Sorceress)
4. Keiser: Lasciami piangere (Galsuine, Princess of Spain)
5. Hasse: Morte col fiero aspetto
6. Handel: Piangerò la sorte mia (Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt)
7. Cesti: Intorno all'idol moi (Orontea, Queen of Egypt)
8. Handel: Brilla nell' alma (Rossane, Princess of Persia)
9. Keiser: Geloso Alan Curtissospetto
10. Monteverdi: Disprezzata regina (Octavia, Empress of Rome)
11. Giacomelli: Sposa, son disprezzata (Irene, Princess of Tresbisond)
12. Orlandini: Col versar barbaro il sangue (Berenice, Queen of Palestine)
13. Haydn: Odio, furor, dispetto (Armida, Sorceress)

II Complesso Barocco Conductor: Alan Curtis
Running Time: 76 mins
Year: 2012