Jonas Kaufmann - Dolce Vita CD

'Italians love to sing. They sing in the street, they sing while they go about their business. It is not just a cliché - in Italy, you see grown-up men just singing while they work, because they want to somehow express their feelings. Music is not only to make you smile, music is to make you think, and sometimes to understand that you're not the only one carrying great problems with you. By expressing that in a song you can better live with it, because somebody found the right words, the right way to express what you're feeling at that moment. The songs on this album show the whole range of emotions that italian music is capable of, just like in opera - but opera of course favours the dark moments. Here we have both darkness and light, and even in the darkest moment, the Italian finds a way to put a little bit of powdered sugar on top and to continue finding sweetness in life.' Jonas Kaufmann

1. Caruso
2. Mattinata
3. Parla più piano
4. Passione
5. Un amore così grande
6. Il canto
7. Voglio vivere così
8. Catari', Catari' (Core 'ngrato)
9. Ti voglio tanto bene
10. Non ti scordar di me
11. Fenesta ca' lucive
12. Musica proibita
13. Parlami d'amore Mariù
14. Torna a Surriento
15. Volare
16. Rondine al nido
17. Con te partirò
18. Il Libro dell' Amore

Deluxe package with extended booklet / Full Italian lyrics with English, German & French translations

Tenor: Jonas Kaufmann
Orchestra del Teatro Massimo di Palermo
Conductor: Asher Fisch
Year: 2016
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