Injury Prevention and Management for Dancers Book

Dancers represent a unique athletic population. They can often be required to perform a variety of shows of differing intensity and styles: professional ballet dancers may perform up to 150 shows a year, across eighteen different productions. The dynamic and demanding nature of dance can however lead to injury, making injury prevention and management a vital part of dance training. Drawing on research and knowledge from both sports and dance medicine, this book will provide dance and healthcare professionals with a fundamental understanding of dance terminology, physiology and movement requirements, and how these relate to specific injuries commonly sustained in dance. Proposed models and structures of pathology-specific rehabilitation and usable examples are illustrated with step-by-step photographs and anatomical diagrams, as well as case studies for common injuries. Training programmes, conditioning exercises and advice are supported by findings from contemporary medical literature to ensure an informed, conclusive and evidence-based approach to the healthcare of dancers. Chapters will cover a range of issues including the unique challenges seen in dance and how they differ from other athletic populations; physical preparation and conditioning for dance; injury prevention, tracking and management models and an exploration of the regional anatomical injuries commonly seen in dance. Structured rehabilitation and detailed exercise programmes are covered and dance criteria for musculoskeletal injuries, concussion and post-surgery are discussed.

ISBN: 9781785006579
Size: 24.6 x 19 cm
Pages: 176
Published: 22/11/2019
Format: Paperback