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Garden Ribbon Scarf

This thin ribbon scarf is printed with garden tools it is a  versatile scarf and can be worn as a headband, neck tie, wrist adornment or around the handle of your favourite handbag. Created by Rory in his Cambridge studio each element is hand carved before being digitally printed onto silk by artisans in Italy. The handcrafted quality of the prints is of particular importance to Rory who is greatly influenced by the working methods of William Morris and the Arts and Crafts Movement

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Rory designed these prints during lockdown. He says, 'With no access to an outdoor space of my own I dreamt of spending my afternoons toiling in a garden. Through lino cutting my illustrations of gardening tools, green houses and watering cans, I managed to achieve a peaceful state of mind. Industriously using one’s hands to create something beautiful is a reward in itself and something I share with the gardens and gardeners who inspired me.'

The finish of a scarf is of paramount importance to Rory. 'The design is only the first step, the weight of the silk, the rolled edging and the colour saturation from front to back are all key considerations when making a beautiful scarf.' Rory Hutton is all about telling stories through his prints, interpreting heritage for contemporary audiences. 'My aim is to design scarves that will be treasured by their owners and become coveted heirlooms of the future.'

Material: 100% Silk
Size: 5 x 86 cm
Made in Italy