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The Royal Opera House

Elite Syncopations

This CD features: Sunflower Slow Drag (Scott Joplin with Scott Hayden), Elite Syncopations, The Cascades (Scott Joplin), Hot House Rag (Paul Pratt), Calliope Rag (James Scott), Ragtime Nightingale (Joseph F. Lamb), The Golden Hours (Max Morath and Scott Joplin), The Alaskan Rag (Joseph F. Lamb), Bethena (Scott Joplin), Friday Night (Donald Ashwander), Cataract Rag (Robert Hampton).

Music: Scott Joplin and others
Orchestra of The Royal Ballet conducted from the piano by Philip Gammon
Plus: Three extra rags not used in the ballet, Augustan Club, Pleasant Moments and Antoinette (Scott Joplin)
Recorded: 1976
Running time: 43 mins