Donizetti: Poliuto Blu-ray (Glyndebourne)

Glyndebourne has brought to light a long-overlooked winner in Donizetti’s Poliuto, delivering ‘a superb musical performance’ (The Telegraph) offering ‘lucent accounts of the principal roles and an incandescent London Philharmonic Orchestra, under Enrique Mazzola’ (New York Times). This first ever professional UK staging of the story of third-century Armenian martyr St Polyeuctus features a ‘trio of world-class young singers’ with Fabiano, winner of the Beverly Sills and Richard Tucker awards, displaying a ‘thrilling, vibrant tone’ in the title role, Martínez providing Paolina with ‘pinging coloratura’ and Golovatenko giving a ‘radiant-toned’ voice to Severo (The Guardian ★★★★)

Composer: Gaetano Donizetti
Poliuto: Michael Fabiano
Paolina: Ana María Martínez
Severo: Igor Golovatenko
Callistene: Matthew Rose
Felice: Timothy Robinson
Nearco: Emanuele D'Aguanno

The Glyndebourne Chorus
London Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Enrique Mazzola
Director: Mariame Clément

Plus: Passion & Faith: Preparing for a UK premiere / Love & Oppression: An Interview with Mariame Clément / Cast Gallery.


Picture: 16:9
Sound: 2.0LPCM + 5.1(5.0) DTS MA
Region code: 0 worldwide
Running time: 117 mins