David Plumpton: Modern Melodies 2 CD

The follow up to Modern Melodies, volume two contains a great selection of melodies, from Downton Abbey through to the Lambada - there really is something for everyone!

Warm Up  Go The Distance 4/4  (8x8)
Pliés  Sailing/Home Away From Home 3/4  (16x8)
Slow Tendus  Can't Smile Without You/Close to You (They Long To Be) 4/4  (16x8)
Tendus  Lambada  4/4  (8x8)
Tendus  Don't You Want Me/Japanese Boy 4/4  (16x8)
Tendus  Livin' La Vida Loca 4/4  (8x8)
Degage  Violinski Clog Dance 6/8  (8x8)
Glissées  Merrily We Roll Along/Agadoo 2/4  (8x8)
Ronds de Jambe à Terre  Pocahontas Medley: Colors of the Wind/If I Never Knew You  3/4  (16x8)
Fondus  Only You  4/4  (8x8)
Battement Frappés  Amarillo (Is The Way To)/I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) 2/4  (16x8)
Petits Battements  Firework 2/4  (8x8)
Ronds de Jambe en L’air  Theme from Huckleberry Finn and His Friends 3/4  (8x8)
Développés  Somewhere 3/4 (8x8)
Adagio    Theme from Out Of Africa 4/4  (8x8)
Grand Battements  Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now/Physical 4/4  (16x8)
Grand Battements en Cloche  Potter Waltz (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) 3/4  (8x8)
Stretch  Out Here On My Own 4/4  (16x8) 
Stretch  I Believe I Can Fly 3/4  (8x8)

Ports de Bras  Theme from Terms of Endearment 4/4  (8x8)
Battements Tendus Downtown 4/4  (8x8)
Battements Tendus  Hit The Road Jack 4/4  (8x8)
Grand Battements  Movie Medley: Theme from Star Wars 4/4  (8x8) Theme from Raiders of the Lost Ark 4/4  (8x8) (4 count intro in between) Theme from E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial 4/4  (8x8) Theme from Superman 4/4  (8x8)
Fondus/Adage  I Giorni 3/4  (8x8)
Set Up Pirouette  Go West 4/4  (8x8)
Pirouettes  Theme from Downton Abbey 3/4  (16x8)
Pirouettes  Annie's Song 3/4  (16x8)
Pirouettes  Supersonic 3/4  (16x8)
Warm Up Jump  Theme from Only When I Laugh 2/4  (16x8) + stop time
Warm Up Jump  Over There 2/4  (8x8)
Warm Up Jump  Theme from Blind Date 2/4  (8x8)
Petit Allegro  Eliza Aria 4/4  (16x8)
Petit Allegro  Let Yourself Go 2/4  (16x8)
Petit Allegro  Tell Her About It 4/4 (16x8)
Medium Allegro  Why Do Fools Fall In Love 4/4  (16x8)
Medium Allegro  Sway 4/4  (16x8)
Grand Allegro  He's a Pirate (Pirates of The Caribbean) 3/4  (16x8)
Grand Allegro  Golden Brown 3/4  (16x8)
Coda  Theme from Dallas 2/4  (8x8)
Port de Bras/Reverence  Endless Love 3/4  (8x8) + (2x8)

Running Time: 78 mins