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Dance with Margot - Volume 5 CD

Volume Five, played on a Yamaha Grand piano, has 56 tracks of music which is especially appealing for young children, with tunes from musicals, nursery rhymes for "babies" classes, ballet and classical music as well. The last 15 tracks are devoted to music for short dances, each up to 2 mins, suitable for festivals and auditions from a wide range of music ; dynamic (e.g. Bartok, Satie,  Rossini ) and melodic, lyrical pieces (e.g. Grieg, Massenet, Drigo).

Class 1
Rag Warm-Up. Old Virginia Rag, C. Douglass 2/4 32 bars
“Good Toes, Naughty Toes” Never Smile at a Crocodile, F. Churchill 4/4 16 bars
Sparkling Hands. M. Kazimirska 3/4 
Ex. for Demi-Plié. Little Miss Muffet, Trad. 3/4 32 bars
Jumps in time with Humpty Dumpty, Trad 6/8 16 bars
First Tendus. It’s a Small World, Sherman Bros 4/4 32 bars
Port de Bras. C. Pugni 3/4 16 bars
Rhythm: Clapping & Marching. American Patrol, F. Meacham 4/4 32 bars
Rhythm: Clapping. Oh What a Beautiful Morning. R.Rodgers 3/4 16 bars
Skipping “Posh” Sherman Bros 6/8 96 bars 1:47 
Skipping with stops. March of a Marionette,Gounod. Running with stops. Whistle while you work,F. Churchill 6/8 4/4 32 bars / 32 bars
Continuous walks-skips-runs-marches. Sing a song of Sixpence. We’re off to see the Wizard.I’m late, I’m late. 76 Trombones 4/4 6/8 2/4 4/4
Galops. Semper Fidelis, J. Sousa 6/8 64 bars
For Fun: A Disco Mickey Mouse  32 bars
A Day at the Circus “In a Persian Market” A. Kettelby  (Ponies, Acrobats, Jugglers, Clowns etc ) 2/4 116 bars
A Night at the Ballet: Fairies & Nymphs “Sylvia” Delibes. Grand Waltz “Les Sylphides” Chopin. Silver Fairy Polka “Sleeping Beauty” Tchaikovsky. The Evil Magician “Swan Lake” Tchaikovsky. The Prince arrives & rescues the Princess    
Reverence, M. Kazimirska  8 bars 

Rag Warm-Up. Bantam Step H. Jentes 4/4 32 bars
Pliés. “Annie” C. Strouse 3/4 64 bars
Battement Tendus. “Fiddler on the Roof” J. Bock 4/4 32 bars
Battements Glissés. Waves of the Danube Ivanovici 6/8 16 bars
Ronds de Jambe a Terre. “Close every Door” A. Lloyd Webber 3/4 32 bars + 8
Battement Fondu. Hernando’s Hideaway Adler/ Ross 4/4 Tango 16 bars  
Battement Frappés. “A Spoonful of Sugar” Mary Poppins, Sherman Bros. 4/4 32 bars
Developpés. Samson and Delilah, Saint-Saens 3/4 16 bars
Grands Battements. Where the Lark Sings, F. Lehar 3/4 32 bars
Grands Battements. The Great Escape. E. Bernstein 4/4 16 bars
Petits Battements. M. Kazimirska 2/4 32 bars + 8
Demi-Pointe Ex. It’s a Jolly Holiday - Mary Poppins, Sherman Bros 4/4 32 bars 

Port de Bras. Harry Potter Theme, J. Williams 3/8 32 bars
Battement Tendus. “The Godfather”, N. Rota 4/4 32 bars
Pirouettes. Mazurka Chopin 3/4 64 bars
Pirouettes. “Whispering” Schonberger 4/4 32 bars
Pirouettes en Dedans. La Bayadere, Minkus 3/4 64 bars
Chainés/ Posé turns. M. Kazimirska 2/4 64 bars
Adage. Nocturne in Eb, Chopin 12/8 16 bars
Sautés/ Changements. Jungle Book, Sherman Bros. 2/4 32 bars
Small Jumps. The Trolley Song, R. Blane 2/4 96 bars
Medium Jumps. “Oh, Oh, Antonio”, C. Murphy 3/4 128 bars
Grand Allegro. Grand Valse Etincelles Waldteufel 3/4 128 bars
Reverence DANCES ( up to 2 mins. each ) For Ages 6 – 10 3/4 40 bars

Parade of the Tin Soldiers, L. Jessel  
The Dancing Cat, H. Mancini  
Le Piccadilly Marche, E. Satie  
Dance of the Nymphs, Grieg  
A Curious Story, J. Heller  
March of the Toys, V. Herbert  
Sehnsuchts -Walzer, J. Field  
Waltz op. 12 no. 2, Grieg  
Music for Children’s Dances, Bartok  
Reverie, Debussy  
Valse Bluette, R. Drigo  
La Danza (Tarantella) , Rossini  
Music for Children’s Dances, Bartok    
Little Bird, Grieg  
Mélodie, Massenet. & Dance, Sibelius 

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