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Contemporary American Operas DVD Set

This special set brings together three of America’s most lauded contemporary operas: John Adams’s Dr Atomic, a riveting morality drama centring on J. Robert Oppenheimer and his team of scientists at the test site of the world’s first atomic bomb explosion in New Mexico; The Perfect American, Philip Glass’s striking portrayal of the ‘real’ Walt Disney, based on a series of reflections and memories which take place during the icon’s final cancer-ridden months; and the 2001 cinematic film version of Trouble in Tahiti, Bernstein’s one-act satire on American suburban married life, its jazz- and musical comedy-inspired score then a path-breaking fusion of lyric art with popular entertainment. Consummate direction (with librettist Peter Sellars at the helm for Dr Atomic), compelling designs, brilliant casting and stand-out performances – among them Gerald Finley’s Oppenheimer and Christopher Purves’s Walt Disney – unite these three very different works which collectively reflect the astonishing variety of style and form that characterizes 20th-century opera.

Trouble in Tahiti (2001)
Composer: Leonard Bernstein
Dinah: Stephanie Novacek
Sam: Karl Daymond
City of London Sinfonia
Conductor: Paul Daniel
Director: Tom Cairns

Doctor Atomic (2007)
Composer: John Adams
J. Robert Oppenheimer: Gerald Finley
Kitty Oppenheimer: Jessica Rivera
General Leslie Groves: Eric Owens
Edward Teller: Richard Paul Fink
Jack Hubbard: James Maddalena
Robert Wilson: Thomas Glenn
Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Lawrence Renes
Director: Peter Sellars
Dutch National Opera

The Perfect American (2013)
Composer: Philip Glass
Walt Disney: Christopher Purves
Roy Disney: David Pittsinger
Dantine: Donald Kaasch
Hazel George: Janis Kelly
Lillian Disney: Marie McLaughlin
Tynan: Sharon Sarah
Chorus & Orchestra of Teatro Real, Madrid
Conductor: Dennis Russell Davies
Director: Phelim McDermott
Teatro Real 

Picture: 16:9
Format: NTSC
Region code: 0
Running Time: 426 mins 
Subtitles: EN/DE/FR/SP/NE/JP/KO