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Choreography: Creating and Developing Dance for Performance Book

Choreography is the highly creative process of interpreting and coordinating movement, music and space in performance. By tracing different facets of development and exploring the essential artistic and practical skills of the choreographer, this book offers unique insights for apprentice dance makers. With key concepts and ideas expressed through an accessible writing style, the creative tasks and frameworks offered will develop new curiosity, understanding, skill and confidence.

The chapters cover the key areas of engagement including what is a choreographer
getting started; improvisation and ideas; context, stage geometry and atmosphere; movement as dance in time and space; solo, duet, trio and group choreography and finally, structure and the 'choreographic eye'. 

With practical photographs and the authorial insight of an experienced choreographer, mentor and teacher, this is an ideal companion for dancers and dance students wanting to express their ideas through choreography and develop their skills to effectively articulate them in performance.

Kate Flatt has over forty years' experience as a choreographer and teacher.

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