Carmen Scarf


Commissioned by the Royal Opera House, designer Margo Selby has created woven textiles combining inspiration from the bold linear wood panelling of the new theatre and the rich, decorative elements of the original building. This scarf is woven from silk and lycra yarns in a double cloth structure to create a unique three-dimensional textural quality.

Each scarf is cut from different sections of the Assembly cloth, so it will be unique with a differing front and back. This is specific design feature.

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Margo Selby is a renowned British textile artist and designer. Her design philosophy is focused on pushing the boundaries of weaving to create contemporary stylish fabrics for a range of textile applications, uniting the very best weavers and high quality fibres to produce beautifully crafted products.

Material: 77% silk, 23% Lycra
Dry Clean only
Size: 21 x 156 cms

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