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Opus Arte

Ben Johnson - I heard you singing CD

Audience Prize-winner at BBC Cardiff Singer of the World (2013), accomplished young English tenor Ben Johnson lends his dulcet tones to a programme featuring a bouquet of ballads from the British Isles. This song form enjoyed extraordinary popularity in private homes throughout the Victorian, Edwardian and Modern eras, inspiring generations of talented composers men and women to marry words and music in a delightful variety of styles. 

English Songs
1. German: Orpheus with his lute
2. Whipp: Woo Her Gently
3. Coates: Betty and Johnny
4. Coates: Birdsongs at Eventide
5. Elgar: Pleading
6. Sullivan: The Lost Chord
7. Dunhill: The Cloths of Heaven
8. Liddle: How lovely are Thy dwellings
9. Head: The Little Road to Bethlehem
10. Woodforde-Finden: Till I Wake
11. Lehmann: Ah, moon of my delight
12. Anon, Arr. Hughes: The Stuttering Lovers
13. Coates: I heard you singing
14. Coates: Tell me where is fancy bred
15. Stanford: A Soft Day
16. Lehmann: Henry King
17. Lehmann: If I built a world for you
18. Herbert: To Daffodils
19. Sanderson: Until
20. Woodforde-Finden: Kashmiri Song
21. Williams:Orpheus with his lute

Rosenblatt Recitals
Ben Johnson (Tenor)
James Baillieu (Piano)
Running Time: 61.25 mins
Year: 2014

Rosenblatt Recitals is the only major operatic recital series in the world. Since its foundation by Ian Rosenblatt in 2000, it has presented over 130 concerts, featuring many of the leading opera singers of our times. All of them, in their Rosenblatt Recital, whether in concert or in the studio, have given something unique and unrepeatable, and this essence is captured in these recordings, available for the first time on Opus Arte.