Andrew Holdsworth

Ballet Class - Pop Volume 1 CD

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Imagine performing your allegro to Abba, your pirouettes to Queen, your pliés to Maroon 5, your jetés to Avril Lavigne…

Reimagined for Ballet transforms well-known pop songs, structurally and stylistically, into mazurkas, tangos, hornpipes, rags, waltzes, polkas, barcarolles, rumbas, jigs and a variety of other dance forms. The tracks are arranged and performed on a beautiful grand piano by experienced ballet pianist and record producer, Andrew Holdsworth. The music was devised in collaboration with three ballet teachers and the tracks are sequenced in a traditional class format.

1. Somewhere Only We Know (Pliés) 
2. Toxic (Battements Tendus 1) 
3. Parklife (Battements Tendus 2)  
4. Turning Tables (Battements Tendus 3)
5. Billy Jean (Battements Glissés)
6. Complicated (Battements Jetés)
7. Dancing in the Moonlight (Ronds De Jambe à Terre)
8. Breakaway (Battements Fondus)
9. Rhythm Is Gonna Get You (Battements Frappés)
10. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Adage)
11. Rehab (Grands Battements)
12. Fix You (Stretch)
13. Cannonball (Port De Bras) [feat. Tony Woollard]
14. Can't Get You out of My Head (Battements Tendus Centre)
15. I Won't Give up on Love (Battements Fondus Centre)
16. A Thousand Years (Pirouettes 1)
17. We Will Rock You (Pirouettes 2)
18. Ghostbusters (Turns)
19. Exit Music for a Film (Adage Centre)
20. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Petit Allegro 1)
21. I Don't Feel Like Dancing (Petit Allegro 2)
22. Y.M.C.A. (Medium Allegro 1)
23. Clocks (Medium Allegro 2)
24. Anarchy in the U.K. (Grand Allegro 1)
25. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Grand Allegro 2)
26. Both Sides, Now (Port De Bras & Révérence)  

Piano: Andrew Holdsworth
Produced by Andrew Holdsworth
Executive producer: Johnathan Still
Cover features: Anna Rose O'Sullivan (The Royal Ballet) taken by Sean Ebsworth Barnes