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Henriad DVD Set (Shakespeare's Globe)


  • This collection brings together Globe Theatre productions dating from 2010 to 2015 – during the artistic directorship of Dominic Dromgoole – of Shakespeare’s Major Tetralogy of Histories, recounting the youth and ascendance of Henry V of England. Featuring the finest actors and leading directors, it is part of a project committed to creating ever wider access to this rich cultural heritage. Richard II features wonderfully virtuosic language portraying the entitled, vain, aloof, then suddenly vulnerable King. In the wake of his overthrow, Shakespeare’s greatest historical saga begins, an epic pair of plays telling of power, treachery and war, surveying the entire panorama of English life, and exploring the complexity of father-son relationships, including that between King Henry IVand his undisciplined successor, Prince Hal. In the final play, as a mature King Henry V, he recites one of most famous speeches ever written, as Shakespeare recalls a truly great English victory. The films in this set capture the unique atmosphere and theatrical space of the Globe Theatre. The exhilarating sense of interaction between the actors on stage and the audience in live performances is exquisitely maintained on screen.

    Shakespeare’s Globe
    Richard II
    Cast: Charles Edwards, Henry Everett, William Gaunt, Jonny Glynn, David Sturzaker, William Chubb, Sasha Waddell, Sarah Woodward
    Director: Simon Godwin

    Henry IV Part I
    Cast: Roger Allam, Jamie Parker, Oliver Cotton, Sam Crane, Barbara Marten, William Gaunt, Paul Rider, Jason Baughan, Danny Lee Wynter, Christopher Godwin, Joseph Timms, Lorna Stuart, Sean Kearns, Daon Broni

    Henry IV Part II
    Cast: Roger Allam, Jamie Parker, Oliver Cotton, Barbara Marten, William Gaunt, Paul Rider, Jason Baughan, Lee Wynter, Patrick Brennan, Sam Crane, Christopher Godwin, Joseph Timms, Lorna Stuart, Phil Cheadle

    Henry V
    Cast: Brid Brennan, Graham Butler, Nigel Cooke, Giles Cooper, Sam Cox, Kurt Egyiawan, Matthew Flynn, David Hargreaves, Beruce Khan, James Lailey,  Nathan Medina, Brendan O’Hea, Chris O’Shea, Jamie Parker, Paul Rider, Olivia Ross, Chris Starkie, Lisa Stevenson, Roger Watkins

  • Director: Dominic Dromgoole
    Spoken in Shakespeare's English
    Sound: Dolby Stereo/Dolby Surround (Richard II, Henry IV); LPCM stereo/DTS Surround (Henry V)
    Subtitles:EN (Richard II) EN/GE (Henry IV/V)
    Region code:All Regions*
    *Territory Exclusions: USA & Canada
    Running time: 148+171+177+164 mins