Citrine Carved Pendulum Necklace

  • Citrine is the clear yellow or golden form of mineral quartz. It is said to dissipate negative energy, and it assists in creating prosperity. It's a stone of joy, openness and optimism. This beautiful Citrine Carved Pendulum, handmade at Mirabelle's London studio, comes on a 85cm Rose sterling silver chain which is 22ct gold plated.

    Veronique Henry, daughter of a Parisian silversmith and founder of Mirabelle Jewellery, has a passion for intricate and vibrant designs. Her unique pieces are hand-made and Fairtrade and often imbued with meaning and stories from her travels.

    Mirabelle celebrate how unique each stone is, therefore they may slightly vary in size, shape and colour.

  • Materials:
    Citrine, 22ct gold-plated sterling silver 
    Pendulum: 1.5cm
    Chain length: 85cm