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Dance with Margot - Volume 3 CD

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This Volume has 2 classes with 60 tracks of music . “Overture” is for little children aged between 3 and 7 including 19 tracks of music to accompany a class for this age group and introduce them to different styles of music, some of which will be familiar to them (Teddy Bears’ Picnic, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, etc.) and classical music, eg. Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker” and Mozart’s Magic Flute. There's music for improvisation and expression, and "Rhythm" exercises, clapping time. The second class “Beginners” has 40 tracks of music for children aged between ca. 7 and 12. The music is bright and spirited arranged from films and musicals ( ET, Mary Poppins, Snow White etc.) and classical music ( Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Mozart etc.) all adapted to fit a comprehensive class for youngsters. The CD ends with an “Expressive Dance “ section with 6 different pieces to dance to.

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Class 1
Skips around the room “Nellie the Elephant”, Butler & Hart 6/8 64 bars
Little feet stretching “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, J. Taylor “Baa Baa Black Sheep” 4/4 32 bars
Ex. For Demi-Pliés Edelweiss, R. Rodgers 3/4 32 bars
Ex. For Demi-Pliés, or Foot Ex. “When you wish upon a Star”, Harline 4/4 32 bars
Ex. For Positions of the Feet from “The Magic Flute”, Mozart 2/4 16 bars
Ex. For Positions of the Arms “Where is your Heart”, Auric & Larue 3/4 32 bars
Step to side and hop “Pop goes the Weasel” 6/8 32 bars
Clapping Time: March - March of the Siamese Children, Rodgers 4/4 24 bars
Clapping Time: Waltz “Oom Pah Pah” from “Oliver”, L. Bart 3/4 32 bars
Quicker Waltz Chimchiminee, Sherman Bros. 3/4 32 bars
Port de Bras “Some Day my Prince will come”, Churchill 3/4 32 bars
Galops - Teddy Bears’ Picnic, J. Bratton 6/8 64 bars
Little Jump Step “I’ve got no Strings”, Harline 2/4 32 bars
Walks around the Room “With a Smile and a Song”, Churchill 4/4 32 bars
Little runs and pauses “Supercalifragilistic”, Sherman Bros. “Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho”, from Snow White 2/4 64 bars
Expressive Dance “A Melancholy Mood”, César Franck 3/4 32 bars
“A Happy Mood” Waltz “The Nutcracker”, Tchaikovsky 3/4 64 bars
Improvisation to “A Little Story” Margot Kazimirska  
Bow or Reverence 4/4 4 bars

Class 2
Pre-Barre Rag-Time “Sunflower Slow Drag”, Scott Joplin 2/4 32 bars
Exercise for Demi-Plié “Over the Sea to Skye”, Trad. 6/8 32 bars
Demi-Pliés & Grand Pliés "Feed the Birds", Sherman Bros. 3/4 64 bars
Alternative music for Pliés“A Whole New World”, Menken 4/4 32 bars
1st Battement Tendus “Prince Igor”, Borodin 4/4 32 bars
2nd Batt. Tendus “Peer Gynt”, Grieg 3/4 32 bars
Battement Jeté “Bear Necessities”, Gilkyson 4/4 32 bars
Ronds de Jambe a Terre “Where is Love”, L. Bart 4/4 16 bars + 8
Ronds de Jambe or Batt. Fondu “The Green Leaves of Summer”, Tiomkin 3/4 32 bars + 4
Battements Frappés “Fledermaus”, J. Strauss 2/4 32 bars
Développés “June”, Tchaikovsky 4/4 16 bars + 4
Ex. For Retirés from “Carmen”, Bizet 2/4 32 bars
Grands Battements “Buddle-Uddle-Um”, Snow White, Churchill 4/4 32 bars
Grands Battements Mazurka, Coppélia. Delibes 3/4 16 bars
Relevés Old Homestead, Penn 4/4 32 bars 

Loosening up before the centre Tulips from Amsterdam, Arnie 3/4 64 bars
Port de Bras  Theme from “ET”, J. Williams 3/4 32 bars
Battements Tendus “Maybe” from Annie, Strouse 4/4 64 bars
Ex. For Balancés, slow version Mazurka, Chopin 3/4 16 bars
Balancés, faster version Mazurka, Chopin 3/4 32 bars
Ex. For Pas de Bourrées, slow Gavotte, Bach 4/4 16 bars
Ex. For Pas de Bourrées, faster Gavotte, Bach 4/4 32 bars
Changements Hornpipe, Trad. 2/4 32 bars
Little Jumps Ragtime Dance, Scott Joplin 2/4 64 bars
Assemblés or Ex. For Pirouettes “Don’t Fence Me In”, C. Porter 4/4 32 bars
Galops “Let’s Go Fly a Kite”, Sherman“Popeye the Sailor Man”, Trad. 6/8 32 bars
Polka, slow vers. Pizzicato-Polka, J. Strauss 2/4 32 bars
Polka, faster vers. Pizzicato-Polka, J. Strauss 2/4 32 bars
Travelling Steps across the Room Tarantella, M. Kazimirska 6/8 64 bars
Dancing & Stopping to Pose Waltz, with Rallentandos, Shostakovich 3/4 32 bars 
Polonaise Don Quixote, Minkus 3/4 64 bars
Allegro Jump Step Paradise Waltz, Lehar 3/4 32 bars
Waltz Grand Allegro Viennese style waltz, M. Jary 3/4 64 bars
March Step from Romeo & Juliet, Prokofiev 

Expressive Dance
“Walking above the Clouds” from La Bayadere, Minkus 4/4 16 bars
“The Awakening” from Sleeping Beauty, Tchaikovsky 3/4 32 bars
A Dance to the Spinning Song Spinning Song, Ellmenreich 2/4 34 bars
A Festive Dance from Coppélia, Delibes 2/4 24 bars
At the Circus “Kupferberg-Gold Galop”, Eberle 2/4 64 bars
The Dying Swan The Swan, Saint-Saens 6/8 16 bars
Reverence 3/4 8 bars