Stanton Williams

Framed Bow Street Mini Print


  • In September 2018, the Royal Opera House opened up the building to enhance the experience for public, staff and performers alike. Architects Stanton Williams created spaces that unite 19th-century grandeur with 21st-century elegance. Each item in this exclusive and limited collection features sketches, prints and designs from the new architecture. Treasure and keep a moment of history from this collaboration between Stanton Williams and the Royal Opera House.

    Be a part of the evolution of the Royal Opera House, with the mini print which celebrates and records the changes. This sketch of the new Bow Street Entrance from Alan Stanton is a piece of history to be cherished. Simple yet fascinating, this float-mounted mini print looks good either as a solo piece or as part of the Alan Stanton print series.

  • Size: 26 x 20 x 3 cms