A Performer's Journal


This journal is a perfect gift for a performer! Not only it is a much needed essential for anyone in the performing arts, but it is also a beautifully designed journal. Guaranteed to help performer's with their busy schedules while harnessing their creativity. This journal gives you one space to write down all your choreography, your routines, your singing repertoire, your notes, your weekly plans, your yearly plan, your monthly reflections and so much more; all in one place. 

  • 56 Note pages
  • 24 Weekly planners
  • 10 routines to remember
  • 10 My Choreography
  • 9 Performer quotes
  • 6 Monthly reflections
  • 2 Singing repertoire pages
  • Yearly planner
  • Remember why you started page
  • Show survival kit checklist
  • Remembering routines cheat sheet
  • Choreography cheat sheet

Size: A5