Margot Fonteyn: A Celebration

Margot Scarf Silver Blue (small)


  • Mark the centenary of the birth of The Royal Ballet's Prima Ballerina Assoluta with this commemorative range dedicated to Margot Fonteyn. This range includes exclusive imagery from the Royal Opera House collections, and demonstrates the exquisite lyricism and passionate characterizations of Margot Fonteyn that have influenced generations of ballet lovers. 

    Inspired by the iconic Royal Ballet Prima Ballerina Assoluta Margot Fonteyn, this small square lady’s silk scarf in silver and blue is lightweight and soft to the touch. Perfect for adding a subtle splash of colour in an elegant outfit, this scarf features an balletic themed print and features a quotation from Margot Fonteyn:  'I explained it when I danced it'.

    Rory Hutton is an accessories designer who draws inspiration from the aesthetics movement, seeking to create beauty in everything he makes. Collaborating with the Royal Opera House, this collection is influenced by some of the performances seen on stage. From stationery to silk scarves, Rory Hutton offers an exquisite range which is the embodiment of pure poetry.

  • Materials: silk
    Size: Small 55 x 55 cms
    Photography: Lia Vittone / Kris Kesiak ©