Orange Peel Candle

  • Created by Simon and Gavin in their south London kitchen, Fellowstead is an ethical company built on simple, clean and natural products. Using soy wax and paraben-free fragrances, Fellowstead celebrates everything leafy, green and herby. An exploration into the link between scent and emotions, each product contains carefully layered fragrances designed to touch the soul.

    Hand poured and beautifully packaged in a glass votive and gift-box, the Orange Peel Candle has a burn time of approximately 30 hours. Warm and welcoming with soothing notes of ginger, it has a sweet, almost peppery scent which brings to mind honeyed, summer days and the spice of nightfall.


  • Material:  Soy Wax, Glass Jar, Metal Lid

    Size: 180ml / 30hr burn