Hazel Village

Tiger Costume in Box

  • Empowering and inspiring children since 2010, Hazel Village is a place where only the softest, finest toys are born. Stitched and embroidered to the highest quality, every item is deliberately designed to appeal to young minds and hands. Each toy is made from organic cotton and hypoallergenic filling, with only ethical labour practices. Toys which are made to be played with and not just admired, all Hazel Village accessories are fully interactive, creating a make believe world which is simply captivating.

    ROAR! Don’t be afraid - it’s not a real tiger, just a dress up outfit for the animals at Hazel Village. Even gentle Annicke Mouse likes to pretend to be a tiger sometimes, but only a very kind tiger of course! This outfit will fit any of the animals, including Owen Fox, and is made from stretchy cotton fabric and soft white fleece. Those claws on the paws may look terrifying but there’s nothing to worry about, they’re just made from felt. The Tiger Costume comes with a little tote bag to collect snacks because even the most fearsome of tigers needs to keep up its energy.

  • Size: box: 14 x 9 x 3 cms